Tech Talk: Gorilla Glass

The slick, clear glass that covers your precious phone may be covered in gross germs, claiming

their territory and staying as unwelcome guests. Then, with the help of Corning Gorilla Glass,

silver ions emerge, battling, pushing back the germs, cleaning your phone simply by being.

In the link above, Corning Gorilla Glass announced a new technology: Antimicrobial Gorila

Glass 3 screen infused with silver. By folding silver into the glass, Corning is able to lower the

amount of germ build up. Don’t ask me why. I’ve been asking around and all I seem to get

is, “Well, duh.” Apparently knowing that Silver ions act as a cleaning agent should be common


Doctors used to wash babies eyes with a silver nitrate solution right after birth to cleanse them.

So, when in doubt, use silver ions to clean – maybe not in household scenarios but, you get the


I think it makes perfect sense to introduce silver ions into the glass on your phone since it is

apparently so widely accepted as a cleaner. Honestly, I’m a little surprised it didn’t happen

sooner than now.


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