Corvette Sinkhole Preservation – Glass Flooring

The silent museum flooded with sound as the Corvette family’s prized possessions dove into a cold hole leading into the earth. Once the cars were discovered, executives from the Corvette Museum’s first thoughts were, “How can we fix this?” Though, after an unbelievable jump in attendance to the museum, the thoughts have shifted: “How can we preserve this?”

Now, we all know that glass floors bring the crowd. Few people have seen glass floors, making the investment unique and dramatic. Of course the main advantage in using glass flooring is the view. “When used in a setting like the Grand Canyon, the Chicago Skydeck, or the glass bottom pool at the Holiday Inn Shanghai,” said Marshall Turner, President at Architectural Glass Flooring and Cast Glass, “it’s all about what you see.”

Turner is completely correct. It is all about the view. Putting glass flooring in the Corvette Museum would allow tourists to not just lean over the railing and catch a glimpse of the enormous sinkhole, but allow them to stand in the exact position of each Corvette before it fell. Glass flooring would not only put tourist on the spot that made Corvette history but also in the moment.

There are drawbacks to such an extravagant option. Glass flooring can be quite costly. There is also a possibility of the transparency fading under high traffic, which would negate the whole reason for splurging for the see-through flooring.

An alternative to the costly glass flooring would be a glass railing. Not as cool but still allows tourists to see into the Great Sinkhole that swallowed millions of dollars in historically significant Corvettes.

Either way, I believe glass will be involved in the preservation process in order to keep visibility high. Glass can act as an important tool in many scenarios and this only demonstrates one way.



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  1. Shuriti Jain July 29, 2014 Reply

    Thanks for posting. I have come to know a lot of thing about the glass flooring and also the drawbacks of its. Yes it is all about the view but can be quite costly.

  2. Steve Obanda March 26, 2016 Reply

    Glass itself has a remarkable look no matter wherever it is placed. Modern architecture and indoor/ outdoor designs have implemented glass in them to bring a contemporary and stunning appearance. We are the manufacturers of different types of glasses in Africa and have designed huge well known projects with finest and state of art looks.

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